Veterinary Overview...

Parents weekend at veterinary school.


1970 Graduate U. of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine
Small animal medicine and surgery
Licensed to practice in Wisconsin and Florida
Owned and operated:
    3 animal hospitals and a pet food and supply store
             Member:  American Veterinary Medical Association
                             Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association
                             Dog Writers Association of America
                             American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition
                             Florida Veterinary Medical Association

I attended grade school in Rochester, NY, and when our family moved to Glencoe, IL, I attended New Trier High School.  I was on the swim team for 3 years and made friendships that have lasted a lifetime.  I attended the University of Illinois where my course of study was Physical Education because I wanted to be involved with teaching high school sports and high school biology.  When I discovered that I could actually handle college level courses I discussed changing my curriculum to veterinary medicine with my parents.  With their encouragement and financial assistance I was able to obtain the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1970.

During the last two years at Illinois I was privileged to work part time at the small animal clinic.  Assisting with medical and surgical care along side the excellent professors/clinicians/surgeons gave me an immeasurable background of experiences from which I was able to build my veterinary career with a strong foundation.  The first year of work was done in Western Springs, IL.  But the northwoods were calling and with backing from my parents I was able to set up my first animal hospital in Rhinelander, WI.  Our clientsTJDunn, DVM... around 1986 back in the 1970s came from all over the northwoods and the UP of Michigan.  As we grew I hired several veterinarians including Rory Foster, DVM, an incredibly creative person who started DrsFosterSmith pet supply company along with Marty Smith, DVM and subsequently with Race Foster, DVM.

Dr. Foster and I established Eagle River Animal Hospital, Eagle River, WI, and eventually I bought out his interest.  My last (third) practice was set up in Rhinelander in 1984.  It was expanded to include a pet food and supply store with emphasis on high quality pet foods.

In 1997 I sold the clinic and began an interesting and challenging Internet odyssey during which I learned how to create websites, how to interface images with online presentations about pet health care. eventually contained over 200 pages written by veterinarians and was utilized by hundreds of thousands of dog and cat owners.  In July, 2009, bought the domain name and content and has plans to create a new generation of online pet health care information.

Click to enlarge the images below... snippets of daily veterinary medical activities
T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM
T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM
T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM T J Dunn, DVM
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My interests have been in both medical and surgical care of dogs and cats, but especially in providing pet owners with sound medical advice presented in an easy-to-understand manner.  I expect the future to continue to stimulate and reward those interests.  I'd like to thank my parents for facilitating my entry into veterinary medicine, my veterinary colleagues whose expertise and dedication challenges me to improve my skills, and all the kennel helpers, technicians, assistants and practice owners who made my work in the clinics so much easier and interesting.  And thank you to the pet owners who care enough about their little friends that they will spend hard-earned money to improve and protect their quality of life.